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We are an active bicycle club covering Dothan, Alabama and the surrounding Tri-State area.

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The club offers something for all age and ability levels. We invite everyone with an interest in cycling to join and take part in the variety of activities offered by our club.

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This website is maintained to keep you informed of DAC and other bicycling events in the area. There is almost always a ride going on. If you are looking for an impromptu weekend ride, check out the DAC Facebook group. Be sure to subscribe to our news letter and keep an eye on the Blog section of the site, also for details on other club and cycling-related information. The goal of the club is to encourage and assist bicyclists as they learn and grow in bicycling. It does not matter if you ride for enjoyment or sport. Following along that line, we have come up with a list of tips for bicyclists that well feel will be helpful to anyone, no matter how many years you may have ridden. We all need to be reminded from time to time about proper riding techniques and obeying the rules of the road.


Highlights from Past Rides and Events

Members of the Dothan Area Cyclists conduct the final ride of the Tuesday Night Series. During the riding season, road and trail rides are scheduled on weekends and/or weekday mornings and evenings. Before each event, notice is sent via the Club’s email or FACEBOOK page to all members.


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 Check our Facebook page for regular club meetings and location.


Dothan Area Cyclists is a different type of bicycle club. Dothan Area Cyclists promotes all aspects of cycling in a family-friendly atmosphere suitable for riders of all skill levels, ages, and degrees of interest.
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Download one of our favorite APPs and track your rides in our group. Ask questions, get kudos and support. Riding is even better when you have friends to ride with and here at the Dothan Area Cyclists club we are all friends.

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Regular rides and events are posted to our FACEBOOK page. However, you can stay updated on rides and events by subscribing to our newsletter.

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Adjusting Derailleurs

Bicycle Maintenance:  Adjusting your front and rear derailleur By: Paul Hughes In this month’s maintenance section, we wanted to take a look at adjusting your derailleurs.  This can easily be done with just a bit of practice.  Knowledge of how to adjust...

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Cleaning / Lubricating A Drivetrain

Bicycle Maintenance:  Cleaning / Lubricating A Drivetrain By: Paul Hughes One of the most important aspects of proper bicycle maintenance is many times also the most overlooked or ignored.  That is cleaning and lubricating the drivetrain.  The...

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Things I learned at Cheaha Challenge

One of the first things I learned is that it is pronounced Chi-ha, as in Chief says “Ha, no self-respecting Indian try to climb that big mountain on silly little bike wearing silly little shorts. That what we catch horses for.” The mountain was named by the Creek...

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DAC is a different type of bicycle club.  DAC promotes all aspects of cycling in a family-friendly atmosphere suitable for riders of all skill levels, ages, and degrees of interest.  The club is designed for those who embrace the cycle-centered lifestyle and want to enjoy activities with like minded individuals.  Come out and join us for any group event and you will quickly see that the club has something to offer everyone.

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Getting involved in a bicycling club is the ideal way to meet and ride with others who share your enthusiasm for biking.