Membership Pricing

 I want to ride my bicycle.  I want to ride my bike.  I want to ride my bicycle.  I want to ride it where I like.  That’s the goal for us all.  To ride as frequently as we like and to be able to ride our bicycles safely.  And that is where we start with club membership.  Why belong to DAC?  Lets start from the beginning.  Several years ago a conversation started about having an official bike club in Dothan.  As the conversation progressed we saw there was a lot of interest and value to having a club.

Whether you are a road rider or a mountain biker; a professional or just starting out; competitive or more leisure minded, the Dothan Area Cyclists (DAC) wants you to be a member.

What You Get

Statewide Benefits

The DAC supports and is a member of Alabike.  Alabike is our state bicycle advocacy group.  They were instrumental in getting the 3 foot law enacted.  Their job is an enormous one in our car centric state.  Since we are members of Alabike they bring their large roadside signs and set them up for our largest ride of the year, the Tristates100.

Out of State Benefits

The Tristates100 brings in cyclists from all over the southeast and beyond to participate in our largest ride of the year.  We typically have 400 riders come to ride with us.  The ride benefits the Dawn Pitchford Fund at Children’s Hospital of Alabama. Visiting cyclists from all over the country see our website and Facebook page, our activities and passion for cycling and choose to bring their bicycles with them to enjoy riding with us during their time in our area.

Police Support

DAC provides us with community visibility.  The Dothan Police Department recognizes us as a viable group of cyclist and are welling to hear our concerns.  Without a club we would all be individual voices and have less impact.

DAC Club Rides

Most often these are at no cost for members.  When the club provides snacks or other freebies, we often ask non-members to make a donation.  Most notably we ride to the beach every year for a time of fun and hanging out together.  We have access to showers and a pool and easy access to the beach.

Special Events

Events spring up occasional for us because we exist. We have had schools, churches and other local organizations that request our club to do rides for them. One of our favorite club events is the The Jon Jam concert which has included us for several years now.

Inexpensive to Join

Ability to buy custom club apparel at cost. This can include t-shirts, socks, jerseys, bibs and shorts. Also, at $15 for an individual or $20 for a family living under the same roof, membership is very inexpensive.

Charity Support

We have an annual Resolution Ride in which we encourage you to set your cycling goals for the year. You can share them with us or keep it to yourself. We also have an annual Ride for Turkeys where we team up with local charities at Thanksgiving for a fund raising ride. This also includes our annual Toys for Tots ride where we raise money to purchase toys at Christmas.

Marked Routes

Although we don’t do this as much as we used to, we still mark some routes on the road with painted symbols for directions.