About Us

We are Dothan Alabama premier cycling club and we are dedicated to promoting cycling in the Wiregrass tri-state area.


Years of Riding History

Our Big Event

The TriStates 100 is the only ride in the area that 
expands three states (Alabama, Georgia, and Florida) in one exciting ride.  The course is challenging without being difficult  and is broken down into a  30, 41,  69 and 100 mile courses loop through scenic SE Alabama.


Unlike many other bicycle clubs, Dothan Area Cyclist is just a cyclist club. We create events that support the community. Some of these events include: Wiregrass Food Ban, Toys for Tots, Children’s Hospital of Alabama, Alabike Advocacy, JonJam Ambucs

Our Founders

The club was founded in 2012 and was agreed to be organize by the following people: David Emery, Joe Varner, Bob Wiley, David Crocker, and Paul Hughes. The club has since grown to be known as DAC for short.

How We Got Started

After a nice long ride on the Alabama back roads we began a conversation about create a cycling club. Before you know, the Dothan Area Cyclist was born.


Our Founders


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Getting involved in a bicycling club is the ideal way to meet and ride with others who share your enthusiasm for biking.