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The Best Routes Shared

With years of riding the Tr-State back roads our members have mapped out some of the most scenic and safe routes to ride. Some routes are save in our group cycle APPs and others can be shared on FACEBOOK by members of the club. Join us on anyone of these platforms to enjoy a different kind of riding experience that is fun and exhilarating.

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The Dothan Area Cyclists mutual trust and friendship among each cyclist is always a great experience. Group members are always constantly providing support for other cyclist help them to elevate their cycling experience no matter where. Apart from giving Kudos to members, the club also post on their social media page on hazards and dangerous road conditions.

We Are On FaceBook

Our Dothan Area Cyclists (DAC) FaceBook group is quickly growing and is becoming the popular meeting place to get up to date information on events. If you are new in the area or new to cycling, feel free to join our group. We love meeting new riders

Connect With Other Riders

We have local ride events and meetings that are are perfect for newbies. Our online community on FaceBook, STRAVA and RideWithGPS are great places to connect with other area cyclists. You can look for riding buddies, ask questions about commuting and route selection, and discuss bicycle safety, advocacy and so much more.


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Cycling Safety



 It may take time to ensure a proper helmet fit, but your life is worth it. But it’s equally  important that you ensure a proper fit so your helmet can best protect you. 


Ride Predictable

When riding in traffic, avoid weaving in and out of the "parking lane". Instead, maintain your line of travel, remaining as far right as is safe.


Road Hazards

Continually scan for hazards that could cause you to lose control. In wet conditions, give yourself extra room to stop. When crossing slippery surfaces avoid braking or turning.


Hand Signals

Use hand and verbal signals to communicate with members of the group and with other traffic.



If carrying a cell phone, have “1ICE” (1st person to call in case of emergency) at the top of your Contact list.  First responders look for this number on cell phones.


Be Visible

Wear brightly colored clothing and install lights and reflectors on your bicycle.

Join Us And Start Riding!

Getting involved in a bicycling club is the ideal way to meet and ride with others who share your enthusiasm for cycling.